Thursday, August 17, 2017

Old school organization

I have been a workin' fool the past week (as opposed to the normal fool I am).  One thing that I think really helped me is having a little notebook to write my to-do's down in.

I know, this sounds like a simple thing and don't they have computers and smartphones and all that jazz for things like that but nope, not for this girl.  There is something about writing down what needs to be done and more importantly, literally crossing it off the list.  There is a satisfaction in it that I have long been missing.  It makes the chaos not feel so overwhelming and as a person who shuts down when that overwhelming feeling kicks in, I must say I rather like this new feeling of not looking for random scraps of paper or torn, stained post it notes to make updates from.  I hope this lasts...a girl could get used to this!

The Mr has been great in making sure he can keep up with what I'm cranking out and then you add that we're having company Saturday and the house needs to be cleaned up and he stepped up.  There has been a big shred pile that has been patiently waiting for weeks, months, almost a year to be put through the shredder.  You know that pile that you look at and go "eh, nope" and walk away?  Oh, maybe that's just me.  I can't count how many times I've cleaned that office and thought "there's no way it can ever get out of control again because really, how much do we use this other crap?"  Well apparently enough to use it wherever it needs to be used, then haul it back up, dump it on top of the table and not in its proper place until we're playing Jenga with it all.  So that's where we are with my workspace.  Jenga.  I need to tackle that since the Mr was kind enough to do the shredding which surprisingly must've taken up a crapload of space because of how clean it was there.  Wait, the closet door was also closed.  Oy...don't even wanna look.

I had to laugh because the Mr said they're doing a potluck at work next week and they wanted to have it on a day he was going to be in so I would make something.  My reputation precedes me.  So I'll see what others have signed up for and fill in.

We did Walk Away the Pounds on mute and had our own music on so it was a little peppier and I put more into it.  I made myself earn the turkey tacos.

On a side note, my usual is to have the Alternative Music Choice stations running all day and when Run by Foo Fighters comes on, it makes me wish we still had the punching bag hanging up.  If you haven't seen the video, it is hilarious (and probably NSFW).  Sorry, it was on while I was typing so I figured I'd bring it up.

How do you keep on top of your to do list?

(This list contains an affiliate link.  Should you be kind enough to buy through it, I may get a few cents commission at no additional cost to you.)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Food Review: Enlightened Sweet Cinnamon Bean Crisps

When the president of Enlightened reached out to me to give their Enlightened ice cream another try on them, boy was I glad I did!  She also included a chance for us to try their new Roasted Bean Crisps which are only available at GNC if I'm not mistaken.  Because we have a sweet tooth, we immediately gravitated toward the Sweet Cinnamon.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info:

Here are the ingredients and the WW SmartPoint value:

They looked really good and given the fiber and protein, would be a good snack if we wanted something post workout or later in the evening.

So how did they taste?

Hmm, well they were crunchy for sure.  I'm not sure I tasted the sweet part of the sweet cinnamon but stevia can sometimes do that.  It did have that bit of a stevia aftertaste and I'm not a huge fan of that.  I definitely wouldn't steer people away from them because I just have a weirdness where stevia is concerned and am hyper aware of its aftertaste.  If you use stevia and are fine with it, I think you'd really like these and they could be great to have on hand or add some texture to yogurt or oatmeal.

We haven't given up though.  They also have savory flavors available and I'm thinking their mesquite BBQ will be our next try!

What is your favorite crunchy snack?

(We were provided this product free to try.  The opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.)

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Comin' clean

If you've been following along, you know that it's been a very busy and stressful summer for us. When we were in Martha's Vineyard and The Hamptons, we went so overboard on food every single day, it wasn't funny.  I was under so much stress before we left with work stuff and was up until 2 am almost every night then back at it at 7-7:30 am.  It made for me indulging in a big can of  "eff it" on the food, water and exercise front while we were gone.  As you know, that doesn't make for a very good combo and when your "fat jeans" by the end of vacation aren't roomy anymore, you know you're in trouble. We never weigh in after vacations anymore for a minimum of a week or two because mentally we just are not able to handle it.  Usually, after a week or two of going back to normal with our routine, we can feel the sodium bloat going away, the endurance very slowly starts to creep back up and things start to fit better.

When we got home this time, we had a love letter waiting on us from our homeowner's association telling us we needed to paint our patio fence.  Well, our fence post was in horrible condition and I thought if I was going to repaint the fence then I wanted to bite the bullet and get that horrid fence post replaced before hand.  I mean, look at it!

So began our one-month ordeal of getting jerked around for a month by a contractor regarding this project as well as getting our bathroom remodel underway.  It's not something we wanted to do but a hairline crack in the sink had been put off for going on two years and since it was our only bathroom we knew if it split in half, we'd be screwed.

Since we decided not to weigh in, we wanted to let our clothes and the way we felt be our guide...something we'd never done before.  But we both felt so uncomfortable in our own skin and clothes that we'd know if any weight was being lost.  The first two weeks were a wake-up call as our endurance was in the toilet.  Almost 3 weeks of not exercising will do that to you.  We made a crucial mistake and didn't track our food.  We thought we'd give the whole "intuitive eating" thing a try and honestly, I think we did fine with that.  We've been eating the same crap for years so we're pretty in tune with what we're putting in our mouths.  The thing is, I'm very susceptible to bloat from sodium.  It doesn't phase him but I have always planned my meals to stay under 2000mg and even then I get very nervous and try to stay closer to 1500-1700mg if I can.  I don't have high blood pressure or anything but my mom has it and since I do hold water when I eat more of it, I have no desire to poke the bear.  Water was pure crap and you guys know that has always been an Achilles heel for me.  I just cannot force it down no more what tricks I try and when I'm stressed out, it goes down even further.

When we decided to take on the bathroom remodel ourselves, that came at the same time deadline wise that we had to have our fence done.  Between two coats of priming and two coats of paint in the choking summer heat, the paint was literally mixed with our blood, sweat, and tears.  Well, those three days of standing on the uneven ground in crappy shoes and crappy Croc flip flops royally screwed my legs to the point of hobbling.  I had to go get a massage and some serious adjusting done from the chiro to help even that out.  Right after the fence was done on Thursday, I think, by Saturday we jumped into the bathroom and so began a trend of "food justification."

"The Mr laid the floor all by himself...f**k contractors...let's go to a fancy dinner with all the fixins!"

"We removed the toilet and vanity, hung "shiplap" and a new chair rail that looked better than anything we've ever had and caulked the hell outta that thing...let's celebrate at another fancy restaurant."

Okay, so we may have only done that twice, maybe three times but then you throw Saturdays on that and they were so far out of control that by the end of the day, we felt like crap and full.  You know when you wake up full the next day, you are outta control.  This is where people would tell us to cut out Saturday high cal days, well just saying it puts both of us in a panic and immediately makes me crave everything.  We know ourselves well enough to know that we're not all or nothing people.  If you give me nothing, I will eat it all and do it out of spite.  We require moderation but we need to find a moderation level coupled with doing the things we know we're supposed to do like tracking and water and such.  We did that for the first time last weekend and it felt good to have a modicum of control back.  We've been tracking the past two weeks and I definitely feel more in control than I have in a long time.

That doesn't change the fact that I have 11 lbs more on me than I had before vacation.  Yeah.  (I did have it down to 9 lbs but gained two back for no reason and it stuck last week.  You can bet Middle Fingers was my song of choice those days.)

I've been using my workout "sucker pants" as my guide to how bad off I likely still am shape-wise because they've been rolling off my middle tire as I work out which didn't happen before we left.  I noticed the past two workouts that it hasn't rolled and that was from Friday when they did so I'm hoping that's a good sign and not just that the elastic band threw up the white flag and said "deuces" before tapping out.

We have never let ourselves get this out of control for so long and we're paying for it.  We have two months before another vacation and we have made it mandatory for us to exercise every day.  We did that when we went to Virginia and were very successful because we exercised daily without fail and we indulged about half the time there.  A week after our return, we only had 3 extra pounds.  I would like that to be the case again but I'd like it to be back to or as close as back to the weight I was before we left.  To ensure that, I'll be making batches of chili like I did before.  Maybe a couple of breakfasts and meals like my lower cal meatloaf and mashed potatoes so we're still getting stuff that feels like a treat but would be way less than going out.  Because we've been here before, we won't have that need to try every single restaurant in town and will only go back to the places we know for sure are worth deducting from the calorie bank.  We're hoping to paddle quite a few days as well which always burns a ton of calories but on paddle days, I still want to do a 20 minute HIIT or strength session too.

We're finally getting our head back in the game which both feels good and feels shameful because we've only hurt ourselves.  But we did still exercise six days a week since we've been back and we've eaten our usual stuff so I guess that's something to be proud of but I'll be more proud when my shirt doesn't hike up my gut or my sucker pants stay in place instead of heading south.

How do you get back on track when you haven't been mentally in the game?

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Monday, August 14, 2017

I thought we were supposed to get a weekend? recap

So yeah.  Where to start.

A few of you asked what the degreaser incident entailed so I thought I'd share.  Short recap:  I needed to paint the bottom part of the banister including spindles and we applied Krud Kutter to it and left it on for a few minutes as per the bottle for tougher stains...then this happened:

If I wasn't already planning on painting, you probably would've heard me scream and circle the Earth 20x like Superman trying to bring back Lois Lane.

So I figured why not try to get off as much as possible so I sprayed more and let it peel from the spots it already created.  I was in for a fun night.

I spent Thursday night painting the first coat.  Spent Friday painting another coat or two until I just checked out mentally.

Saturday we got out of the house for a little bit.  We had our mouths set on a food truck and they didn't open when they said they were supposed to so we were screwed and on the verge of hangry.  We went to another restaurant we wanted to try and it was meh so not so great on that front, plus the server whistled and ruined every song in a half empty restaurant with good acoustics.  I wanted to deduct from her tip just for that but I didn't because as everyone knows, nobody enjoys whistling but the whistler.  If you think otherwise, you're guilty...and therefore must be lashed with a wet noodle.

A quick jaunt to Hobby Lobby and then it was time to scour the jungle (aka- Trader Joe's) and because I didn't have our grocery list, I forgot two major things.  *facepalm*  Then Target which is always a delight midday.

Sunday, I worked (filmed) from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm with only an hour break in there for our final grocery runs.    Here's what I would've rather been doing...

Now, poof, it's 8 pm Sunday night and my dogs are barkin', my hips are misaligned, my IT bands hurt and I need to work out.  Aces.  So off to do my upper body strength whilst the Mr is sanding the banister going downstairs.  He was kind enough to paint two coats on there for me while I worked.  I feel so bad for him not getting a weekend.  Sigh.

Please tell me you had a better weekend!  Let me live vicariously through you!

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Friday, August 11, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #32

Well this week didn't pass quite as quickly as last week but I'm happy to have gotten to Friday all the same.  Can I get a witness?!

So let's roller skate right into...

15 Wellness-Focused TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Live Your Happiest (and Healthiest) Life  (Looks like I've got some stuff to listen to)

How To Stop Stress From Stealing Your Joy  (All of this makes sense but it's also easier said than done.)

What Might Happen If You Walk 30 Minutes a Day  (Might have to put this to the test)

Why Drinking This Kind of Tea Could Help Shed Those Last Few Pounds  (What if you need to shed like a third grader on the scale?  Holy crap, I actually have this!  *runs to kitchen*)

22 Tasty Breakfast Recipes That Also Promote Weight Loss  (I'm not seeing that new IHOP French Toasted Donut on here, what gives?)

How to Build Resilience in Midlife  (Good tips)

Bring On the Exercise, Hold the Painkillers  (Yike, good to know!)

A Guide On How To Fight Your Outrageous Hospital Bill (And Win)  (In case anyone needs it)

13 Closet Organization Ideas You'll Want to Steal Immediately  (Mr, this is why I asked for a towel bar!)

These LOL-Worthy Homework Assignments Fail So Badly They Win  (These are so funny...there are some creative kids keepin' parents on their toes out there.  #20...funny, so do I!)

17 Salty Cross Stitches For Sarcastic Home Owners  (I'm going to stitch most of these as stress relief.  SOOO funny!)

A southern staple and a southern staple to kick up your potato salad  (The Mr has been drooling for me to make them both again!)

Well, after a mishap with a degreaser, I will be repainting way more of the banister than I wanted to today.  I had other things I wanted to get done but we have company next weekend and I'm not one of those people who can be like "just ignore the half painted banister."  Plus we've got a lot of cleaning to do but I do want to get out and about for at least a few hours.  Edit:  Okay so at 10:45pm when the Mr went to bed, I started painting.  About 15 minutes in, I realized I was wearing my favorite T-shirt so I took it off so I could put on my painting clothes...which were in the bedroom and I didn't want to disturb him since he can fall asleep in 30.7 seconds.  So I painted in my underwear until 12:30am.  If I'd be...RealLifeYo.

What do you have planned this weekend?

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sad or a relief?

Music therapy has long been touted as something very beneficial to dementia patients whether it's listening to their favorite songs from their youth to, in Glen Campbell's case, playing it for as long as humanly possible.  A factor that according to Glen's doctors, allowed him to plateau in the degradation of his faculties far longer than most patients with mild to moderate dementia.  This seems like such a small thing in the grand scheme of things but it literally costs nothing if you already have the songs on hand and a device on which to play them.  If you don't, believe me when I tell you that you will regret it when the decline comes faster than you could've imagined because you didn't do something as simple as have them listen to music every day.

When the news came of Glen's passing, I saw a flood of social media posts with sad faces, RIP's or even some who obviously didn't know what he had said: "He looked good until the end."  As someone with the most important family member to her suffering from dementia, the first thing I said out loud when I read that was "aww, Glen Campbell died...thank God...he's free."

It's a sentiment that is echoed by many not only going through dementia/Alzheimer's but those who have witnessed a family member or friend go through any devastating disease that has robbed them of who they are.  The kind of disease that is so powerful and alters them so much at the end that unfortunately for those in the thick of their lives becomes the more dominant memory of them.  This is part of the reason, I believe, that my grandma told me not to visit her anymore if she didn't know me.  This disease terrified her to the point of such absolute denial that nothing about it could be spoken because acknowledging it meant our current situation was her fate.  I understand her is a fear I now live with every time I find myself searching for a word or wondering why I walked into a room.  It's the stuff of memes for most middle agers and the stuff of terror for those who may have a family disposition.

(Stuff like this used to make me  Not so much.)

You get to a point in a disease where it kills you to see the person suffering, even if in our case, they may not know they are suffering.  I hope that the disease does truly take away her entire awareness of all things she knew before.  Because the thing that wakes me up sobbing at night is thinking she's trapped inside herself, fully aware of what's going on and never able to communicate it.  Imagine that for a moment...knowing you're in pain and can't ask for medicine, knowing you have to go to the bathroom but can't tell anyone, knowing you're hungry but can't ask anyone for food.  Imagine seeing the faces of your family and not knowing them but your heart knows they're important but don't know why... and what does important mean?

Worst. Disease. Ever.

So yes, when I hear of someone like Glen or a friend's grandma who recently passed away from this, the first thing I think of is relief.  (Which was echoed by my friend)  Relief for the person suffering who is fully restored in their new life and feels all of the love they didn't recognize in the end.  Relief for the family who is likely irrevocably changed in ways they didn't expect and may not be able to find their way back before the glue of their family passed.  Of course, we don't want the person gone. You love them.  They are a huge part of your life and maybe even who you are and you can't imagine your life without them.  But there comes a time in health situations where peace for the person becomes the prayer at night and you make peace that your mutual love for each other transcends their ailing physical body being here and suffering.

It is spoken in hushed tones if ever spoken at all, with an immediate shame but comes from a place of deep, intense love.  While it sounds horrifying to some, that reaction shows that they have not been touched by a disease that does something that horrible to someone and you almost feel envious of their naivety.  You wouldn't wish them knowing what point you have to get to with a loved one to type those words.  So "judge not..." and all that jazz.

While I know Glen's family or maybe even yours if you're suffering from a recent death relating to dementia, is going through an immense sadness,  it is important to not feel guilty if you feel some relief.  It in no way says that you wished them dead!  It says they meant enough to you to wish them peace and to wish their suffering come to an end.  Remember the good times, the laughter and the things that made them uniquely them.  (My grandma had a few words she always mispronounced no matter how many times we tried to correct her.  We all would look at each other and try not to laugh. We weren't laughing at her but it was so cute that you couldn't help but smile.)

They would want us to remember them for the life they lived, not the way they died.

Have you ever felt relief over the passing of a loved one?  (Yes, pets count if you haven't gone through disease with a person.)

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nothin' to see here

Happy Hump Day y'all.

I considered not posting anything because my Lord is it hard to find things to talk about when you're staring at the same four walls every day.  I thought about how I should clean and didn't.  I did a lot of work stuff and then baked/filmed a recipe and before I knew it, it was time to workout.  :-\

We did Turbo Fire 55 and had fish tacos for dinner.

I paid property taxes that were due.


Since it was Tuesday that meant new release day and we wanted to see Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer.  Even though I feel like Amy's humor and attitude has changed a bit since her film star has risen, we thought she and Goldie might be a good comedic fit.  Meh.  I wanted to love the movie and while it did have a couple of laughs, it just wasn't what it should've been, in our opinion.  It kind of felt like maybe someone wrote a bunch of things when they were drunk and it was super funny then but kind of lame sober.  (IE:  Brother calling Goldie "m'ma."  Twas old the first time he uttered it much less after the 20th.)  Womp womp.

I happened to glance by Sur La Table because you know, it's what I do and I saw this...


Someone was asking for birthday ideas for me, I wonder if they have $1700 for those?

I'm going to try to work on my water more.  I am sucking hard on it this week but there are times I wonder if I'm getting enough for me and this whole 64 ounces or half your body weight BS is just that.  My rings are spinning on my fingers so I feel like I'm doing okay for me.

Sorry, I wish I had more to report that was all "bloggery" that makes people read blogs for inspiration but with a slight break in action on the DIY front, not much to gab about in our world.  But I know that doesn't interest some people either.  I don't want to write crap but also feel a pressure to pump something out every day whether it's interesting or not and I don't feel like that does a service to you. I've seen the commenting slide big time and I know that people are busy and don't always have time to say something and I understand that.  Not quite sure where I was going with that but maybe that's something for another post.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Virtual Visit: Gingerbread Cottages on Martha's Vineyard

Oak Bluffs is one of our favorite towns on Martha's Vineyard.  It is very strollable (totally a word), lots of fun shops and restaurants and a gorgeous park that you can chill in once you've snagged a goodie from MV Bakery.  But the most fun walk we took while tooling the town, was amongst the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association also known as the "Gingerbread Cottages."

(This one was my favorite)

Rows and rows of gorgeous cottages adorn the streets in this neighborhood with an interesting history that dates back to 1835.  According to their website, the area grew out of the religious "camp meetings" of the time with the first meeting being in 1835 when there were nine tents on the grounds.  From that 1 1/2 acre plot, the community has grown to encompass 34 acres today.  There are 312 privately owned, beautiful gingerbread cottages.  In case you're wondering, no you don't have to be Methodist to stay here.  ;-)   For the full, detailed history of the camp, click here.

Each cottage is individually owned so they all have unique and distinct decorating both inside and out.

You can rent one of these cottages by going through the association website or I've seen several listed on VRBO if you look up Oak Bluffs as your destination.  This one is close by and I am in love with the stove alone, perfect for a girls weekend and I don't even mind sharing with the ghost one guest said they saw wandering the place.

There is nothing more fun than going house to house and just taking in all of your favorite details of every house down to a fun way to keep people off the porch in the off season.

(How cute is that?!)

They do have walking tours available every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August at 10 am that last around 90 minutes.  At the time of publishing, it is $12 for the tour.

It's close to the water and neighboring shops and restaurants so while it feels like it's own little enclave from society, all of the conveniences are within a short walk.

The tabernacle is at the center of the community.  You can read more about its history here.  They continue to have guest speakers come in to deliver non-denominational sermons every Sunday in July and August.

The Gingerbread Cottages and it's surroundings are a must stop if you're on Martha's Vineyard.  We were fortunate enough to be able to stroll it completely alone in the off season when it was in full bloom.

Parking is insanely limited here so park by the bay or a few streets over where you may have better luck.

Would you stay in a Gingerbread House?

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Vintage weekend recap

Good Monday mornin' to ya.  The weekend seemed to fly by as quickly as last week did.  Pffft.  

Thankfully, it was much more tolerable because it wasn't blast furnace hot.  I will take that for the first weekend in August and would be more than happy to keep it a trend!  The Mr asked if we were done with projects.  I chuckled warmly...hee hee'd and ho ho'd like one of Santa's elves and blandly  Well, at least I'm not.  Our banister is quite embarrassingly so and I need to repaint it.  Since I used latex last time with less than desirable results for the long term, I figured I'd give Annie Sloan a go so that meant a visit to our local stockist so they could financially violate our wallet.

When we were done, we walked around town a bit and stopped in some vintage stores.

Sigh, I miss the days when album sleeves were all the artwork you ever needed on your walls.

I saw this lock on a psychedelic suitcase and it instantly took me back!  Anyone else have a suitcase as a kid with this kind of lock?

I wanted to just buy the lock and play with it.  I've always been a tactical person so pre-internet was the perfect time for me to grow up.  Locks on suitcases (including those big, ol' hard shell Samsonite's), rotary phone dialing is like meditation and pressing buttons on anything.  Those were the daaaaaays....(and you knew who you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn!_ Sorry, had to be done.

You antiquers out there will see this as a familiar sight...

It is required in penal code 65-9813 section 5b that when you apply for a vendors license to open a brick and mortar antique store, one cat must be on premises at all hours open to the public or subject to fines.  Fact.

Sunday was a swirl down the drain kind of day but that'll happen when you sleep until 10-something am.  We got our produce refill for the week, I made cauliflower rice Chinese food and then we went on a three miler close to sunset around the hood.

Now I'm curled up with my Vermont Country Store catalog and trying to decide what Gene Kelly movie I taped yesterday to torture the Mr with...Cover Girl or It's Always Fair Weather.

What did you get into this weekend?

(This post contains affiliate links.  Should you be awesome enough to buy through them, I may receive a few cents commission at no extra cost to you.)

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Friday, August 4, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #31

How is it Friday already?  Not that I'm complaining but dang this week flew by for me!

Let's cannonball into...

7 health benefits of dark chocolate  (We have our Trader Joe's 72% every night!)

Why You Need Plenty of Potassium  (Time to debloat!)

Does More Sweat Mean a Better Workout?  (I know I FEEL like I got a better workout)

30 Things Women Always Want to Hear  (Luckily, I hear a good deal of these!)

9 Myths About Sleep You Need to Stop Believing If You Want to Have a Great Night’s Rest  (Right this instant!)

9 New Things to Buy at Trader Joe's in August  (Pffft...nothin' I want but in case you do)

12 of the Best Natural Beauty Products You Can Buy at Whole Foods  (And then look them up online and pay less for them.  Ooh Burt's Bee's Niagara Lip Crayon looks right up my alley and $3 cheaper at Walmart)

Drinking Green Tea Reduces Side Effects Of American Diet  (Good thing I just bought a 100 pack box!)

Is Halo Top Ice Cream Good For You?   (Look obviously eating ice cream over fruit isn't the way to go but for the love of God people, if it means someone who is going to pound a pint of premium ice cream over a breakup or something anyway then Halo Top is a better choice.  Stop over-analyzing!)

Halo Top Just Dropped 7 New Flavors — Pancakes & Waffles Is Mind-Blowing  (Hee hee...had to put this under that article)

The Sneaky Things House Flippers Don't Want You to Know  (NEVER skip on a home inspection.  Some open houses just scream flip and make it less appealing to me anyway.)

62 Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old  (Ooh, some good ideas!)

25 Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Whole House  (Ooh, I see a few I like fo' sho!)

The BEST cookie ever  (Look, I know that's a big claim but I'm not quite ready for pumpkin yet and these flavors are the epitome of summer!)

Nothing planned for the weekend so we'll see where life takes us!

You have anything on the agenda for this weekend?

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Random Ramblings

Well, I didn't get caulking done yesterday because I forgot we threw away our paintable caulk because it was pure crap.  The problem is, I need to be able to paint over my caulking in the corners so yeah.  There was a bit of serendipity when randomly clicking around on blog hops the other night, I clicked on one that gave the tip of putting painters tape on the wall just under your caulk line to keep cursing to a minimum (not possible) and paint (hopefully) off of your walls.  I REALLY hope this trick works for me.  I shall report back next week for those of you who have caulking in your future or for those who just want more proof why you're not even gonna start a home project because seeing my 2 months of crap is like garlic to a vampire.

I did finish a recipe and sadly I made some awesome frosting...that tasted like Fall.  My Fall baking gene may have gotten activated...the second day of August.  The Mr and I had a small piece and then I had to promptly throw it down the disposal because it was so damn good I didn't trust myself not to dig it out of the trash or chisel it out of the freezer.  I find it odd that I'm actually behind on Fall baking where the online world is concerned but Antique Farmhouse quickly reminded me I'm behind the curve...

(Their Fall on the Farm sale)
I made the mistake of perusing all of their sales and of course found stuff I loved.  We have this irritating "duct wall" that this would fit on perfectly.

(LOVE this Antiques sign and they're trying to lure me with shiplap)

Because I'm a cheapskate, I keep going back and forth between dropping $42 plus shipping on it and it's one of those "get it while you can" sites.  Yet I found myself looking at a $600 grill that would triple my grilling space.  WTH is wrong with me??

Since we gave in to temptation, I decreased a few things on my menu and added a 20 minute HIIT onto our scheduled strength session.  We've decided that adding at least a 15-20 minute HIIT before strengths might be a good idea.  It was a good way to keep our sweat going for the whole strength sesh instead of just building up to it by the middle or when it ends.  Kinda feel like we'd get more bang for our buck.  So that'll hopefully be a new thing.

Share something random from your life lately.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Busy Tuesday

Happy Hump Day, all!

Yesterday was a busy day.  I got some recipes done and the Mr decided to go ahead with getting the old "crown" molding off.  I forgot to take a pic prior to him doing that but here's what it looked like when he pulled it off.

Ahh, our old yeller.  That was what we painted it with the first remodel 12 years ago.  Nice to see that we can still revisit it if we reaaaaally miss it.

He got the first piece up and as you can see, we just squeaked in by our attic access trim.  Yeesh.

I get the "delightful" job of caulking it all.  Caulking on the floor is one thing but the higher you go, the more likely it is to become a HUGE clusterfudge because it likes to drop and gravity likes to screw with you.  So if you hear someone in the distance cursing in tongues at the top of their lungs, it's probably me.  Sorry to disturb you.

We did Tae Bo last night and because we had a bite of my recipe, we worked a little harder and my Lord did I feel it!  Intensity does make a difference!

We FINALLY found two movies that we actually wanted to rent.  This summer has been a real poo pot on both the current and DVD release front.  We rented The Circle with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson and Going In Style with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.

The Circle we rented purely off of reading the plot and plus, Tom Hanks.  Well, imagine our delight when we got 4 1/2 minutes in and saw Bill Paxton!  My Lord, that I miss him.  It breaks my heart to think this was his last movie but he played it very well.  While Bill and Tom did very well in their roles, holy crap was Emma Watson...err, underwhelming.  I've never seen Harry Potter, nor do I want to but if I didn't know her name from that, I would've assumed this was her first role. Despite some less than stellar acting by her and the Stormtrooper from Force Awakens, the plot is friggin' terrifying and if our society ever goes that way, I'm going so far off grid onto Midway Atoll. But the ending is pretty awesome and I love seeing Tom Hanks in an antagonist role.  Of course, I couldn't help but well up at the credits when it rolled "For Bill."

Going In Style was full of laughs, sentimental moments and is overall a good rent.  The scene with the little Asian girl?  Actually both of them...holy crap, tear my heart out you sweet, sweet lil nugget! Christopher Lloyd is also in it as well.  It's sad to see these guys getting older but their work is just as good as anyone and certainly better than a lot of the whippersnappers out there now.

What was the last movie you saw/rented?

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Food Review: Enlightened Mint Chip Swirl Bars

It is August 1st!  How did that happen??

Our quest to taste most of the flavors available to us by Enlightened continues!  Since we're on the cusp of the dog days of summer, mint chip is always my go to ice cream come this time of year.  So, of course, we had to grab the Mint Chip Swirl bars on our last grocery run.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info and ingredients...

The schpiel on the back of the box:

A comparison pic of the real thing next to the box cover:

So how does it taste?

Just like the box suggests, make sure to let it sit for 3 minutes at room temperature before eating.  It lends itself to a much smoother, creamier texture.

The mint flavor is pleasant and not overwhelming.  The chocolate chips are slightly melty in some spots (in a good way) and the firmer ones aren't hard and have a deep chocolate taste.  On a hot day like it was the day we had them, they were the perfect way to bring down your core temperature so I consider that a health benefit.  Plus when you polish off all four between the two of you, 180 calories, 12g of fiber and 14g of protein produces zero guilt from either of us.  We'll definitely get these again!

What do you like to eat to help you cool down on a hot day?

(We paid full price for this product.)

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